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Design management


Organisations are increasingly discovering the advantages of a strategic approach to design when tasked with developing human-centred, innovative, and sustainable value propositions. Having a strong grasp of design management can make a decisive difference in this regard and help to build a sustainable future.


At Innovative Bridge, we have what it takes to manage  supply chain of creative designers, design process and information flow so your organisation can remain sustainable. 

Project management


Every project is unique. Whether its a business, technical or social project. The core principle of project management is to ensure risks are well managed so the project meets pre-defined goals and objectives.


We are competent and capable of managing or supporting your project. Our collaborative management style has brought our client lots of benefits

Our consultants are PMP certified with hands on experience in project management.

Product development


To sustain value creation and maintain good financial standing, organisations must remain creative and innovative with their product and service propositions. 

With the market becoming very competitive, having a clear and adaptive product vision that delivers unique value to customer is critically essential.


At Innovative Bridge, We are capable of guiding the product development process and ensure it become a value channel. 


From need identfication to product lauching or implementation, from strategy to  specification, we able to lead cross-functional development team while ensuring that requirements and information flow are well managed.

Procurement & SCM


Getting the right specification for manufacturing, good supplies and logistics management can be challenging and could be a bottle neck to business flow. We provide technical procurement support service.


We are able to oversee and manage technical supply chain to ensure efficient operation so entities can  focus on  core business.

Service Sectors

Offshore Wind 

Offshore Installation


Solar Energy

Oil and gas

Offshore Transportation