Innovative Bridge has developed innovative vending facilities with Eco-friendly and sustainable energy source to help BOPs in Sub-Saharan Africa who have no access to electricity and adequate vending facility


i–Cart is a multipurpose vending solution fitted with ecofriendly and sustainable solar power source, suitable for off-grid use.

i-Tricycle Cart 

Suitable for environ with dedicated roads for bicycle


The i-vending kiosk is a modularied stationery kiosk with self sustaining eco-friendly power source for operational use. This can be designed to customers specs

The Problem

The i-Cart is aimed to deliver value toward addressing the problem of inadequate vending facility, challenges of poor electricity to meet daily operational need and growing poverty amongst the BOP in developing & under-developed communities as well as alternative outdoor use in advanced societies.

Inadequate vending facility

“The informal market accounts for 42% of GDP & more than 70% of the urban employment in the Sub-Sahara Africa”


“The street traders work in hostile environment without basic infrastructure and services”

Growing mobile phone subscribers amidst poor access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa

634 million mobile phone subscribers by 2025


    590 million are presently without access to electricity

    Growing BOP’s and the need to reach SDG Target

    Most countries in the Sub-Sahara African region are currently rising in poverty or off track toward reaching SDG target for 2030……. World Poverty Clock

    “The number of households with annual disposable income of US$2,500 or less in (Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa) is growing…….. ”(Euromonitor ).

    Providing needs-based solution ultimately offers unique opportunity for the people to get out of poverty trap.

    The  Solution


    • Quality product components.
    • Multipurpose use of product unit for point of sales, phone charging & advertisement.
    • Ease of Mobility; the unit can be wheeled to any desired location.
    • Sustainable eco-friendly power source


    Potential Applications of I-Cart

    • Product Sales | Mobile Device Charging | Marketing Activations | Field Operations | Summer Camps & Parties|Outdoor Events | Exhibition Booth | Pop-up Store


    For Whom ?

    • Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs)                       
    • Large Corporates
    • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)               
    • Government Institutions
    • Social/Religious Organisations                                     
    • Individuals


    Partnership Opportunities

    Innovative Bridge is open to individuals & corporates who want to partner as investors, marketing agents, distributors or local operators of the I-Cart units within specific locations.



    Product Road Map