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Technical Consultancy and Innovative Solution Services


Innovative Bridge is committed to providing technical consultancy and innovative solution services to diverse kinds of industry in construction, engineering and manufacturing sector.


The company is strategically positioned to help global entities to achieve "sustainable growth" and "contemporary relevance" by providing "bridging services" where resource, capability and technological gaps exist so they can achieve their set objectives and maintain sustainable growth.


The company aims to provide eco-friendly, innovative solutions having sustainable energy source. 

Our Services

Our team of experts and partners have extensive hands-on experience in technical leadership and diverse support capabilities in the areas of project or product design, development and management. We are ready to support you in finding answers and innovative solutions to begging questions regarding your business or project.

Design management

Project management

Product development

Procurement & SCM

Our Products

i-Push Cart 

The i-push cart provides an Innovative way for street vendors and companies to reach and serve thier customers.


The cart is powered by solar PV system with ultra light weight panel suitable for hash weather. 


It is equiped with addon such as internet, microphone, speaker, battery for when there no sunlight, display table, shelves and a advertisment placeholder. 


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i-Cart tricycle

The tricycle version is suitable for europe and countries where bicycle path are available and acceptable means of transport. 


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The i-kiosk concept is stationary kiosk with sustanable solar energy sufficient to meet the need of owners. The kiosk is built from sustainable material and can be assemble in local environ.  


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